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Basic Body Conditioning for Strength, Endurance and Health

This is a drop-in session. Instructor: Mikey Thomas

Mixed Level: Mondays 5:30-6:30PM (see FEES for drop-in rate)
Mixed Level: Thursdays 5:30-6:30PM (see FEES for drop-in rate)

This class is a workout intensive. Strength, endurance and flexibility are increased through guided group sessions. Exercises include movement derived from calisthenics, acro-balance, yoga and dance. Required materials: exercise/yoga mat, bottled water, towel, proper exercise wear.
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New Participant Workshop

Monthly – See Workshop schedule
2-3:30PM ($25) instructor: Mikey Thomas

Learn the basics of aerial movement in a safe, encouraging environment.  This session is structured to introduce movement on a low-flying trapeze, in a comprehensive manner, to prepare participants for entering more advanced aerial classes. (This class is recommended prior to participating in other aerial sessions at the training center).

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Aerial Movement I

Monday 7:45-8:45PM instructor: Matthew Wovrosh
Tuesday 6:30-7:30PM instructor: Mikey Thomas

This session presents a comprehensive track of basic poses and transitions on the low-flying trapeze. Weekly repetition of exercises take place to build strength and confidence on the equipment.
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Advanced Aerial Movement, dance trapeze

Wednesday 6:30-7:30PM (see FEES for drop-in rate) | Instructor: Mikey Thomas

This class offers a fast-paced, professional experience in aerial movement training and maintenance. Each sessions begins with a group warm-up and challenging conditioning exercises, presentation of new poses, routines on the equipment, and concludes with opportunity for everyone to work independently with the instructor and other participants present to aid with spotting and coaching movement.
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Mixed Level Aerial Movement and Conditioning

Sunday 12-1:00PM instructor: Mikey Thomas

This aerial class combines the best of all practices. An intense warm-up, balancing poses, strength building on the aerial equipment and low-flying trapeze practice. Participants who have completed at least one 8-week session of Aerial Movement 1 may join, or gain permission of instructor. The class is filled with participates from a range of intermediate to advanced levels.

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Aerial Silks / Tissues

Thursdays 6:45-7:45PM (this session does not meet on every consecutive Thursday. It is offered most Thursday with occasional days off while other techniques and activities take place. The sign-in site will designated which Thursdays this class in on.

This is a drop-in and per-credit session. Instructor: (varies by season, Winter 2017 = Mikey Thomas)

These silks sessions are highly physically demanding. It is suggested that participants consider enrolling in a level I Trapeze class first, be highly involved in a body strengthening program, or speak with the instructor prior to enrolling (especially before attending any advanced sessions).

The Winter 2017 Session is being led by Mikey Thomas. This session is a beginners level/basics primer. Technique, flexibility, strength are covered through climbing, and basic poses. This session is limited to only the first 6 participants who sign-in each week.

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Special Movement Workshops

Movement Activities offers unique workshops throughout the year. Workshop Thursday sessions (Thursdays at 7:45PM) are offered along with other workshops on varying dates.

Workshops include experiences on a variety of aerial equipment (such as silks, lyra, corde lisse, and rings), dance classes, choreography workshops, hula hooping, acro-balance techniques, hand stand training and more.

Check in periodically for updates and announcements of techniques offered on the Thursday schedule, or go to EVENTS and WORKSHOPS to learn of other upcoming sessions.

Workshop sessions are priced independently of regular class sessions.
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Children’s Aerial Movement Experiences

The movement lab offers special workshops for children periodically throughout the season. Check Special events and workshops to find out when these classes occur.

Open Gym Practice Sessions

Open practice opportunities are available on a limited basis. Participants must be regular attendees of classes and actively involved with Movement Activity events and performances.

Additionally, the movement lab is available, at a fee for persons who visit Columbus and are seeking a place to train or rehearse independently.

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Strings Attached Group Ukulele Sessions

This is a drop-in class, however reserving a space is preferred.
Drop-in rate $5. (this class fee is paid at the class, not online)
Offered once monthly on a Thursday evening 8:00-9:00PM

Go to: Strings Attached Facebook to learn the monthly schedule, and to join the group.

Part ukulele class, part karaoke, part campfire sing along, and part Name That Tune, “Strings Attached” is a one-hour gathering that teaches participants of all levels (including brand new beginners and those with no music background) to play a song on the ukulele in a single class meeting. Participants don’t know the song they are going to learn each week when they show up to class; the song’s secret identity slowly unfolds as participants are offered clues and given an opportunity to guess the song they are learning. Each class starts with tuning and warm up and moves to strumming instruction, chord building and progression, and finally adding lyrics and singing. All instructional materials will be projected on the wall so that participants need only look at the screen and their ukuleles.